Spring Is Here And Its Finally Warming Up

BalatonJuneHooray – spring has finally sprung here on Lake Balaton, we’ve seen some lovely glimpses of the sun already and the temperatures are creeping up nicely with the forecast for next week giving us our first +20 degrees temperatures.  The water will probably still be a bit chilly when you get here (although the lake is shallow so it warms up very quickly) but at least we’ll be looking at shorts and t-shirts ashore!

By the way – a few people have asked us about the colour of the lake water as they can’t believe its really that turquoise.  The answer is that Lake Balaton is famous for the ever changing colour of the water which is always very striking but varies according to the weather.  The lake is very shallow with a sandy bottom and on windy sunny days it goes an amazing chalky turquoise blue (very like Key West), whilst on overcast days its almost inky and at other times it can be quite a dark green.  Its a photographer’s paradise!

If you haven’t already made your entry or booked your accommodation please do so asap.  If you need any help don’t hesitate to contact Hungarian Melges 24 Class Secretary Marta Weores on marta.weores@gmail.com who will be delighted to assist you.

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